Signs That a Client is Represented By Top Family Lawyers in Sydney

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Top family lawyers in Sydney offer their services for clients who are attempting to manage through a breakdown in a relationship.

When a divorce is taking shape and there is the need to discuss terms over child custody, home ownership and possession of assets, Unified Lawyers can guide you through the process.

For all of their bluster about expertise and experience broadcast on billboards, television commercials and social media posts, it can be hard for local constituents to source the substance from the noise.

What characteristics and features really matter?

Let us examine when a client knows they are intended represented by the top family lawyers in Sydney such as Unified Lawyers:


Taking Charge During Mediation

Top family lawyers in Sydney fundamentally are hired to negotiate and manage the mediation process. When each spouse comes to the table (ideally in good faith) there is the need to have an impartial and independent collection of professionals on hand who can look over the terms of an agreement and decide what is best moving forward. Yet there will be two different ends of the spectrum as one set of representatives attempts to get the best deal over the other. It is the solicitor and their group of paralegals that can take charge and make proactive demands and maneuvers that often emerge on top.


Empathize With The Client

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One of the core characteristics of top family lawyers in Sydney is their ability to empathize with the plight of their client. During a divorce there is usually strong emotion at play, seeing anger, anxiety, stress and depression take hold. This is amplified when there are children involved, heightening the stakes for all parties. These specialists don’t come to the table equipped with mental health expertise, but they can offer guidance and assurances based on their knowledge. Others will go a step further and offer a referral to a therapist or psychologist to address the issue directly.


Willing To Look For Creative Solutions

No one wants to go to court. That is a setting fraught with legal dangers by dragging out the proceedings and costing individuals much more than just the bottom line. The top family lawyers in Sydney will attempt to source creative solutions to avoid that scenario, offering different strategies for joint child custody agreements, diversifying of assets, division of debt and other elements that can help to expedite the process. If concessions can be made to avoid a court drama, that will be ideal.


Consistent Research Endeavours

It is true when they say ‘the devil is in the detail.’ When top family lawyers in Sydney go to work they are not always in discussion mode with opposing counsel or their clients. They will regularly be found working away behind closed doors reading over documents, filing over bank statements, criminal records, character references and anything else of substance and value that will shape the proceeding. It might sound like a low threshold for a professional in this space to be a hard worker, but it is often these small details that separates a quality outcome from a poor one.


Seek To Alleviate Financial Pressures

Local constituents are not always awash with spare cash. Whilst that is the case with some constituents in the CBD or Eastern Suburbs, others across the city are living paycheck to paycheck. When these cases continue and the bills start to pile up, there is usually a sense of regret as the cost of doing business begins to bite. The top family lawyers in Sydney seek to alleviate these financial pressures, mixing in pro bono duties with flat rates, fees commensurate with the outcome of the case or hourly rates.