Pants-less Judge

A Judge in Washington D.C. had a pretty lousy run when a dry cleaner lost his pair of pants. The judge known as Roy Pearson represented himself in the civil court and claimed he was owed $54million USD for a dry cleaner. The store ensures a “Satisfaction Guarantee” which by the sounds of it this just was not satisfied at all.

The case gained national attention almost instantly after the lawsuit was filed and to be fair it wasn’t surprising a court case to do with pants and a judge who believed he was owed $54million USD is interesting. The Pants were supposed to be placed in evidence however the judge claimed that the pants were not his pants and in fact a different pair. Roy claimed that he had been put under a lot of stress and dismay by the incident and let’s be honest by the sounds of it the dry cleaner was also in Distress over the court case. Mr Chung was the dry cleaner, and it seemed as if he was a lot of stress due to this court case as well.

Chung’s attorney Chris Manning told press between hearings whilst holding up the pants that the pants that were supposed to be taken into evidence, in fact, Roy’s. According to Chung’s attorney “When the pants were brought in, Chung noticed three belt loops… and in finding them, realised that they were Mr Pearson’s pants.” The business had been running for over 11 years, and clearly, they had never had anything like this happen to them before.

What Happened?

In the end, the court favoured for the Dry Cleaners, and Roy lost the battle, but some interesting notes showed up before this. The reason why the amount of money ended up being so high in the end was that Roy attempted to go further with the case. Roy wanted Chung to pay enough money for him to be able to rent a car so he could have his clothes dry cleaned elsewhere. Roy also wanted compensation for mental distress and discomfort which he decided should have been around $2million USD on its own. Luckily, however, the judge never let it go through, and Chung one and his Dry Cleaner business lived to see another day.