Lacking A Job

Trina Thompson graduated from Monroe College only to be lacking a job after graduation. Trina decided that it was the fault of her careers councillor for not trying hard enough to find a job for her. She decided to take the school to court and wanted her $70,000 that she used for tuition for her bachelor’s degree back.

The college promised her career advice and job leads however it was never entirely done. She stated, “They have not tried hard enough to help me” in her lawsuit meaning that in her eyes the college had not done what was needed with the power that they had. She hoped that she would be able to gain at least something out of it.

The college’s reply to this was “No college, especially in this economy, can guarantee compliment, Monroe College remains committed to working with all its students… to prepare them for careers and to support them during their job search.” The reply was through their spokesman Gary Axel bank who added that the college continues to help Trina with the services they had promised. His claims have been backed as a survey showed 20% of students who graduated from college got a job straight away in 2009 and it had dropped from the 51% from a study that was done in 2007.

The thing about this is that the Job that she was looking for is a tough job to come by in the first place. Some people have claimed that it took nine months after graduation before they found a job in the industry where she wanted a career. It is a well-known fact, and some people have criticised the case stating that she should have researched into the industry before applying to study in that field.

Of course, she never one the court battle because it’s obvious that the college was not at fault for a weak job market. It’s weird though because a fair few people think that she should have been given the money which seems unfair as logic would dictate that there is no way that a college could ever promise a 100% success rate with finding somebody a job. Even though the case is over it still pops up sometimes when people try and explain why the justice system needs to be looked at a bit more closely, some people think that it is becoming a bit ridicules that cases like this can even happen.