Discrimination and US law

Burger King is a well-known franchise around the world (known as Hungry Jacks in Australia) and just like any other fast food franchise the company has had legal trouble, but this one is a bit odd. A homeless man is suing the corporation for $1.2 million because the employees at the burger king he visited thought the money he had given them was fake. Emory Ellis attempted to buy food at a Boston Burger King with a $10USD bill, but the employees thought it was a fake not, so they called the authorities and had him arrested.

The arrest triggered a probation violation, and Ellis was held in jail without any bail for around three months. In the end, it was found by the Secret Service that the bill was legally meaning that Ellis had been detained for no reason and Ellis never got his money back. Ellis decided after this to sue the company for the incorrect claim and started a lawsuit. Ellis claims that it was decimation because of his race.

Ellis’ attorney stated that if Ellis had “been a white man in a suit” that the employees wouldn’t have even second-guessed and if they did that they probably would have apologised to them. The lawyer also stated that they probably would probably have just not accepted the cash if it was a “white man” without calling the police. This lawsuit had only shown up only after a few weeks before it two African American me were wrongly arrested in a Starbucks because an employee had called police after the two men hadn’t bought anything.

Along with earlier that month, an African American student who fell asleep while falling asleep had the police called on him by a Caucasian student. It is not known whether Ellis’ attorney is going to be using these examples in the upcoming case however the case will be going ahead. It is unknown when the final verdict will be reached, but the chances are high that Ellis will get at least some compensation for being so miss treated. It is unclear on whether Ellis will also be claiming for damages of being wrongfully imprisoned because of this incident but Ellis is determined to get justice for the damage that has been done. This is one of those court cases that is going to take a while, but Ellis’ attorney is confident that they will win the case.