Criminal Law and Safety in Australia

Criminal law is a broad-spectrum of violations of the law that involves the enforcement of criminal sanctions, or rather penalties, that include either fines or imprisonment. The severity of these fines or charge of imprisonment could be either low or high and usually escalates due to acts of behaviour that are considered unacceptable go such a point that deserves punishment by the relevant state in Australia. These are also implemented if an individual is found to be a danger to society or the country as a whole.

Criminal law can be both simple and complicated at the same time. It includes a combination of both common law and legal statues that are enacted by the legislation that includes the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW).

In Australia, criminal law belongs to the domains of law controlled by different states and not the federal government. The criminal system of Australia also has their own Federal Police that plays a role in resolving severe criminal charges and crimes.

When it comes to criminal statues in Australia, just as with common law, it is also originated from English criminal law but ever since the nineteenth-century, Queensland has diverted its system to that of the Code of India. These do not necessarily constitute crimes and cover relevant sentences and penalties of diverse criminal offences, but it does, however, regulate the many issues that are faced with criminal procedures and evidence. With certain statutes, which involves laws that include transport, roads and environmental protection, these are prescribed to certain sanctions for specific offences which have been committed in areas of social relations.

Why Australia is Considered to be One of the Safest Country’s in the World

Australia’s criminal analysis overall portrays that the country is relatively safe and one such that is a lot safer than most countries around the world. Each and every country has crime and that is and always will be inevitable, but the scale is much lower. If you compare Australia to countries such those of South America, the Middle East, Africa and even the U.S., there is a big difference. This might be due to the fact that not only is Australia an extremely strict country with a juridical system that is unlike most in the world, it is also a country that values equality and fairness which are two factors that many tend to lack abroad. It is also a country that does not compromise on justice and has one of the best law-systems in the world. Another thing about Australia that stands out is the fact that they do not accept just anybody into their country. It is a very difficult process to relocate to this country.