Cookies and Fines

Some people are friendly like the neighbours that bake you a housewarming pie? Or the old lady who gives you some apples growing on her tree out the back? Well, two teenage girls back in 2005 thought it would be nice to deliver some cookies to their neighbours for the same reason. This, however, did not go over as you may have expected it to, however.

Taylor and Lindsey had made a few batches of cookies with a lovely pink heart note stuck on the top saying “Have a great night T and L”. the two girls then set off to make deliveries of the batches of cookies to give them out to the community. They arrived at Mr and Mrs Young’s house and dropped off the cookies on the porch at 10:30 before knocking on the door. Mrs Young who was home at the time called out who was there, but the girls just ran away hoping to surprise her with the cookies.

From Mrs Young’s point of view, she stated that there were Shadowy Figures at the door and when she called out no one answered, and they just ran away. After the incident, Mrs Young went to her sister’s house for the night before heading to the hospital in the morning to be treated for an anxiety attack.

Mrs Young took them to court, and the court stated that the two teens had to pay $900USD to recoup her medical bills. She, however, did not get anything extra because the court ruled that the girls had not intentionally tried to harm Mrs Young in any way. The girls fell very court out apparently according to one of the mothers her daughter was crying because she felt as if she had been punished for doing something sweet.

The girls, however, felt an unexpected turn of events when members of the community offered to help them pay off the money. Later, the court case started to circulate, and Mrs Young was branded as “The cookie monster.”  People thought it was unjust that the two girls were made to pay the money over what was supposed to be an act of kindness that six other neighbours enjoyed and even wrote letters of thanks to the girls.

Mrs Young even received phone calls and mail of people stating home much they disliked her because of her actions. It has slowly died down, but it is odd that court cases where people are trying to make a cash grab get barely any hate yet a court case where Mrs Young just wanted them to pay for her medical bill ended up being so public she received hate mail and calls.