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Signs That a Client is Represented By Top Family Lawyers in Sydney

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Top family lawyers in Sydney offer their services for clients who are attempting to manage through a breakdown in a relationship. When a divorce is taking shape and there is the need to discuss terms over child custody, home ownership and possession of assets,¬†Unified Lawyers can guide you through the process. For all of their […]

Why You Need To Hire A Custody Lawyer For A Separation Agreement


  In this day and age, people need to ensure that they do everything possible in order to protect themselves. This can be the case in a whole range of scenarios but is especially important when two people decide that they are going to part ways. When people have their feelings hurt and are scared […]

Are Divorce Lawyers in Sydney Really Worthwhile Hiring?

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A common question that many Australians will find themselves wondering is if divorce lawyers Sydney are really worthwhile hiring. The reason why so many people are unsure is because many have heard some kind of horror story where the attorney has charged them through the nose for their services and has left them in a […]