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Signs That a Client is Represented By Top Family Lawyers in Sydney

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Top family lawyers in Sydney offer their services for clients who are attempting to manage through a breakdown in a relationship. When a divorce is taking shape and there is the need to discuss terms over child custody, home ownership and possession of assets, Unified Lawyers can guide you through the process. For all of their […]

Why You Need To Hire A Custody Lawyer For A Separation Agreement


  In this day and age, people need to ensure that they do everything possible in order to protect themselves. This can be the case in a whole range of scenarios but is especially important when two people decide that they are going to part ways. When people have their feelings hurt and are scared […]

What sorts of things can a criminal lawyer in Melbourne help with?

What sorts of things can a criminal lawyer in Melbourne help with?

There are many different reasons why people can find themselves in situations where they are needing to find a professional who can help them build a defence. A person may be accused of something that they did not commit, and will want to do everything in their power to ensure that they are proven innocent. […]

Are Divorce Lawyers in Sydney Really Worthwhile Hiring?

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A common question that many Australians will find themselves wondering is if divorce lawyers Sydney are really worthwhile hiring. The reason why so many people are unsure is because many have heard some kind of horror story where the attorney has charged them through the nose for their services and has left them in a […]

Family law for dads: Does the system discriminate against Fathers?

family law for dads

When it comes to family law for dads, there a variety of deeply entrenched issues that spring their heads up. These issues come from a variety of different sources and can be identified in our cultural history as well as the way the law is interpreted today. Most commonly, issues regarding family law for dads […]

Benefits of Sourcing a Conveyancer in Campbelltown

Conveyancer in Campbelltown

The Macarthur region located nearby South West Sydney is a thriving hub of activity in 2018. From businesses and companies expanding their operations to young families looking to begin their life in a region that is developing by the week, this is an economy that is seeing a large degree of growth as it transitions […]

Criminal defence lawyers in Sydney: how they are moving with the times

criminal defence lawyers

Times are changing all across the world and this means that more and more people are becoming aware of important social issues. This can include women’s rights, equal pay, LGBTQ rights, as well as much more. Businesses are now forced to be aware of any bias that may be going on within their organisations, and […]

It’s All About the Wording

Three Delivery drivers had decided they were done with the annoyance. They filed a lawsuit against the company they worked for claiming that were owed years’ worth of pay and time they’d spent delivering items. According to the company, however, there was no case even to argue which only made matters worse. According to the […]