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Signs That a Client is Represented By Top Family Lawyers in Sydney

lawyer-client shaking hands

Top family lawyers in Sydney offer their services for clients who are attempting to manage through a breakdown in a relationship.

When a divorce is taking shape and there is the need to discuss terms over child custody, home ownership and possession of assets, Unified Lawyers can guide you through the process.

For all of their bluster about expertise and experience broadcast on billboards, television commercials and social media posts, it can be hard for local constituents to source the substance from the noise.

What characteristics and features really matter?

Let us examine when a client knows they are intended represented by the top family lawyers in Sydney such as Unified Lawyers:


Taking Charge During Mediation

Top family lawyers in Sydney fundamentally are hired to negotiate and manage the mediation process. When each spouse comes to the table (ideally in good faith) there is the need to have an impartial and independent collection of professionals on hand who can look over the terms of an agreement and decide what is best moving forward. Yet there will be two different ends of the spectrum as one set of representatives attempts to get the best deal over the other. It is the solicitor and their group of paralegals that can take charge and make proactive demands and maneuvers that often emerge on top.


Empathize With The Client

Sydney divorce lawyers

One of the core characteristics of top family lawyers in Sydney is their ability to empathize with the plight of their client. During a divorce there is usually strong emotion at play, seeing anger, anxiety, stress and depression take hold. This is amplified when there are children involved, heightening the stakes for all parties. These specialists don’t come to the table equipped with mental health expertise, but they can offer guidance and assurances based on their knowledge. Others will go a step further and offer a referral to a therapist or psychologist to address the issue directly.


Willing To Look For Creative Solutions

No one wants to go to court. That is a setting fraught with legal dangers by dragging out the proceedings and costing individuals much more than just the bottom line. The top family lawyers in Sydney will attempt to source creative solutions to avoid that scenario, offering different strategies for joint child custody agreements, diversifying of assets, division of debt and other elements that can help to expedite the process. If concessions can be made to avoid a court drama, that will be ideal.


Consistent Research Endeavours

It is true when they say ‘the devil is in the detail.’ When top family lawyers in Sydney go to work they are not always in discussion mode with opposing counsel or their clients. They will regularly be found working away behind closed doors reading over documents, filing over bank statements, criminal records, character references and anything else of substance and value that will shape the proceeding. It might sound like a low threshold for a professional in this space to be a hard worker, but it is often these small details that separates a quality outcome from a poor one.


Seek To Alleviate Financial Pressures

Local constituents are not always awash with spare cash. Whilst that is the case with some constituents in the CBD or Eastern Suburbs, others across the city are living paycheck to paycheck. When these cases continue and the bills start to pile up, there is usually a sense of regret as the cost of doing business begins to bite. The top family lawyers in Sydney seek to alleviate these financial pressures, mixing in pro bono duties with flat rates, fees commensurate with the outcome of the case or hourly rates.



Why You Need To Hire A Custody Lawyer For A Separation Agreement



In this day and age, people need to ensure that they do everything possible in order to protect themselves. This can be the case in a whole range of scenarios but is especially important when two people decide that they are going to part ways. When people have their feelings hurt and are scared of the change that is about to happen, they can act in unusual ways that can cause the other person a great deal of pain.

People can demand all sorts of unreasonable things from the other person and they can also put deliberate roadblocks in front of people when they are simply looking for freedom. They can use any involved children against them or they may even spread rumors about the other person on social media. Some may even deliberately draw out legal proceedings simply to waste the other person’s money.

While there are, of course, some people who do part ways amicable, it is always best that people protect themselves against the worst-case scenario. Because of this, it is important that people get a professional help from a custody lawyer for a separation agreement. This way they can get ahead of any issues that arise.


When clients want to ensure that they get what they want and are entitled to, they will need to hire Custody Lawyer for a separation agreement

One of the hardest things that can come along with ending a marriage is the division of assets. In many cases, two people will have built their lives together and so will both feel entitled to all of the properties and assets that they have collected over the years. In other cases, however, people will believe that they have worked harder for certain items and will want to make sure that they are walking away with them e.g. a certain car.

In some other instances, people will have inherited something and they will want to ensure that it stays in their own family. Whatever the case may be, people are only ever able to ensure that they are fighting for what they want when they hire the support of a custody lawyer for a separation agreement. When people do this, they are much more likely to achieve the ideal outcome as well as reduce as much associated stress as possible.


You will need to hire a custody lawyer for a separation agreement as well as for the negotiation process

It’s easy for most people to know what they want when they leave a relationship but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get it. For instance, they may believe that they are entitled to one thing and the other involved party may believe the same thing. In some unfortunate circumstances, the other party will want to inflict as much pain as possible and will be putting up a fight for no good reason.

The process will usually involve both parties providing a financial disclosure and then the two attorneys will go in and negotiate a final outcome. Depending on how complex the situation may be, this could take days, weeks, or even months. This is something that two people should not partake in personally and they should always leave it in the hands of their capable attorneys.

Once this is completed a draft will be put together which the client can then review with their chosen attorney. At can be seen, this is a process that cannot be completed alone which is why you will need to hire a custody lawyer for a separation agreement.



What sorts of things can a criminal lawyer in Melbourne help with?

What sorts of things can a criminal lawyer in Melbourne help with?

There are many different reasons why people can find themselves in situations where they are needing to find a professional who can help them build a defence. A person may be accused of something that they did not commit, and will want to do everything in their power to ensure that they are proven innocent. There are others out there who have done something which is against the law, however, there are extenuating circumstances that caused for this to occur. No matter if the accused is innocent or guilty, it is important that that seek representation so they can avoid unnecessarily harsh punishments. While it is important for those who have committed an illegal act to receive reprimand, it isn’t necessary for them to be made an example of or to receive a punishment that will negatively impact their life and that won’t leave them any room for rehabilitation. For those out there who may in any of these positions and who may want to learn more about these services, there are a wide variety of different things that a criminal lawyer Melbourne is able to help with.

A criminal lawyer in Melbourne is able to help with traffic offenses

There are many different kinds of traffic offenses that can occur and a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is able to help with all of them. An example of some of these offenses are drink driving, drug driving, hooning, speeding, stolen vehicle, not obeying traffic signs, driving an unregistered vehicle, as well as much more. There are some very serious penalties that can occur when these sorts of offenses are committed or when people are accused of them, so it is important to find a good defence attorney. People may face mandatory cancellation or suspension of their driver’s licence, they may receive substantial fines, they may be faced with interlock conditions, or they may be faced with zero blood alcohol conditions. For those who have committed repeat offenses, they may be faced with community services, impoundment of their vehicle, or even jail time. As these consequences can greatly impact people’s lives, it is imperative to work with a professional to make a plan, to gather evidence, and to act as representation in the courtroom. Those who have committed a drink driving offense even one time are often unfairly painted as second-class citizens which means that they cannot be judged fairly. Working with an expert will help ensure that this doesn’t occur.

A criminal lawyer in Melbourne can help with emotional support

What many people will find when they are faced with a charge is that they begin to develop stress and anxiety. As the outcome of their future is placed in the hands of others, this can be very nerve-wracking and can leave people living in limbo until their court hearing. When people do find themselves in this situation, they can help themselves feel safer and more confident when working with a professional. An expert is able to take them through all of the steps that will occur in court and they are able to help educate them about their rights. They are able to prepare them for all of the different outcomes that may occur and they can help explain things to their loved ones as well. For many, the law is quite difficult to understand and so a criminal lawyer in Melbourne is able to help explain things in laymen’s terms. As it can be seen, there are many different benefits to seeking the support of a criminal lawyer in Melbourne.

Are Divorce Lawyers in Sydney Really Worthwhile Hiring?

pen, certificate of divorce

A common question that many Australians will find themselves wondering is if divorce lawyers Sydney are really worthwhile hiring. The reason why so many people are unsure is because many have heard some kind of horror story where the attorney has charged them through the nose for their services and has left them in a worse off position than before they were hired. The truth is that there are plenty of professionals out there who are great at what they do and only have their clients best interest at heart. Furthermore, there are many benefits to receiving professional help especially as the law can be so confusing to the everyday person. There can also be a lot at stake for those who are ending a relationship and it is vital that they receive support during these difficult times. There are often kids involved and so it only makes sense that everyone involved feels protected, understands what their rights are, and strives to meet in the middle legally. While there are many people out there who want to work things out with their ex-partner on their own, but things can quickly get out of control and this can best be avoided when seeking support from divorce lawyers Sydney.


What sorts of things can divorce lawyers in Sydney help with?

One of the many reasons why it can be so worthwhile to seek professional help it because expert divorce lawyers in Sydney are able to help with so many different things. For example, they are able to help with the division of assets, with wills, with superannuation, with child custody, as well as much more. There may be scenarios where people will need to organise child support or spousal support payments, or may even need to sell their homes. Sometimes people will be unsure of how to make the initial application or even what kind of evidence they may need to supply in order to prove their separation. In some more serious cases, there may even need to be intervention orders organised. Whatever the case may be, professionals are able to not only help with offering advice but they are also able to help with making applications. In addition to this, they are able to act as representation in the courtroom, which can be a very intimidating place for many people out there.


It is more likely that the best outcome will be achieved

Another reason why it can be so worthwhile to look into support from divorce lawyers in Sydney is because it will make it more likely that the best outcome can be achieved. There can be all sorts of things that can go wrong when ending a relationship, so it is important that people are prepared for any situation that may arise. For example, it can be important for many parents out there that they are able to achieve joint custody of their children. Furthermore, that the time that they have their children is fair e.g. half of the time, rather than one weekend for a month. Ensuring that something fair is worked out can be crucial for everyone involved, as is having this agreement in writing so that everyone knows what is expected of them. This not only makes things easier for the two people involved but also for their children. As it can be seen, there are many different reasons why it can be so worthwhile to look into hiring divorce lawyers in Sydney especially because it can help with ensuring the best outcome possible for everyone involved.



Family law for dads: Does the system discriminate against Fathers?

family law for dads

When it comes to family law for dads, there a variety of deeply entrenched issues that spring their heads up. These issues come from a variety of different sources and can be identified in our cultural history as well as the way the law is interpreted today.

Most commonly, issues regarding family law for dads come in the form of a perceived bias against fathers when it comes to relationship breakdowns. This involves issues, primarily child custody, whereby men feel like the courts favour women in making decisions relating to the future of the family.

Many fathers feel as if the court system believes that mothers are automatically better caregivers and are less likely to be ‘at fault’ for the divorce. While we have a system of ‘no fault’ divorce in Australia, many men feel like they are scrutinised more heavily than women are.

While these issues are most commonly seen through anecdotal examples, there are still statistical trends associated with it that warrant addressing. A combination of pop culture and general ignorance has led a great deal of people to have a pre-conceived notion of what professional family law firms in Sydney are really worth.

Short answer; no

No, family law for dads is not automatically harder than it is for mums. There’s absolutely no precedent or legal ruling whereby one gender is advantaged over the others.

In fact, the court system is far more concerned with the welfare of the children than either of the warring parents. The law states that a child is entitled to a meaningful relationship with their parents as long as no issues (such a violence or drug abuse for example) prevent that relationship.

The child’s safety always trumps any of the issues the parents are having. Each issue is dealt just as seriously, no matter the gender of the parent.

Several different factors influence the arrangements for time each parent can have with their child, such as;

  • Their age,
  • Distance between residential households,
  • The post-breakup relationship of the parents (if any)
  • The work and other life commitments of the parents
  • The child’s opinion (depending on their maturity)
  • The child’s indigenous or cultural background
  • Any other relevant issues

The age of the child is a major deciding factor in family law for dads. The younger the child, the more attached it will be to its primary caregiver as it will obviously be less independent.

The primary caregiver, or primary attachment, is the parent by which the majority of the child’s daily needs are met. This is not to say the other parent isn’t important, it merely states which parent meets the fundamental physiological needs of the child.

Throughout human history, the primary caregiver has been the mother. This is largely biological as men have historically, hunted, gathered and worked to provide for mothers and their children.

This dichotomy between breadwinner and homemaker has been slowly broken down over the centuries to the point where it’s hardly as recognisable. Mandy modern families will share childcare and work responsibilities between mothers and fathers.

In terms of family law for dads however, this historical trend has created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because fathers have historically always been the breadwinner, courts have assumed that men can get back to work after a divorce with less trouble than women can.

This is because, again historically, women gave up their careers to go and raise children. This means that stay-at-home mums who get divorced will be pressured to re-enter the workforce having lost a lot of their skill and experience.

For family law for dads, this has meant courts have historically always given women higher rights to property settlement and child custody. This is not because of any deliberate sexism with family law for dads, it simply responds to the natural demographics of the population.

Benefits of Sourcing a Conveyancer in Campbelltown

Conveyancer in Campbelltown

The Macarthur region located nearby South West Sydney is a thriving hub of activity in 2018. From businesses and companies expanding their operations to young families looking to begin their life in a region that is developing by the week, this is an economy that is seeing a large degree of growth as it transitions to becoming another central hub close by Sydney. This is where the market of the conveyancer in Campbelltown is seeing a development of its own as clients are engaging with those who can help them move location as efficiently as possible.


As opposed to dealing directly with real estate agents or landlords that have their own vested interests in a move, a qualified conveyancer in Campbelltown can work a duel role as a legal advisor and personal assistant as they follow the right procedures at every turn.


So why source one of these operations when looking for a new premises in the Macarthur region? Here we will outline the benefits of going down this path.

Liaising With The Right Parties


A qualified and experienced conveyancer in Campbelltown will be in place to speak and deal with the bodies that have to be engaged for a transaction to take place. It is not enough just for a piece of paper to be signed or some documents to exchange hands. They will seek out the bank that you are managed by before engaging with fellow conveyancers and lawyers who are representing the other party of the sale. There are times when cheques need to be presented for a settlement to be agreed and your conveyancer in Campbelltown will be able to ensure everything is in order.

Property Category


You might not be aware of this fact inherently, but there will be different regulations and procedures that have to be carried out depending on the category of the property. Whether it be a luxury villa, a small townhouse, a retirement village or a unit, your conveyancer in Campbelltown will have the knowledge to guide you through the right requirements when filing paperwork.

Cost Benefit


If you are convinced that a conveyancer in Campbelltown is not for you, then find another individual or company who has undertaken a solo venture for a property transaction and see how they fared. The issue is that the void of educated and experienced representation will open you up to a myriad of issues down the line once a legally-binding contract has been signed. The investment you spend initially on a conveyancer will act as insurance to future penalties that could be incredibly costly in the long-term.

Exposing All Details


A conveyancer in Campbelltown will be concerned about the details that matter to you, no matter what position you are in for the transaction at hand. Should you be a buyer, then you will need an experienced pair of eyes to run over the important vendor’s statement and contract to ensure that you are made completely aware of all the terms and conditions that are likely to be made event over the course of the agreement. For sellers, they will want to ensure the contract of sale is up to code where they have undertaken their due diligence.



No matter what brand of conveyancer in Campbelltown you source, it is obvious that qualified representation in a property transaction is paramount for your own benefit. The hidden costs and agendas that can take place with agents and landlords makes this scenario a precarious one should you enter this scenario blind to the minefields and obstacles that can be in the way. Head online or speak to the people you know who can find you the best conveyancer in Campbelltown.

Criminal defence lawyers in Sydney: how they are moving with the times

criminal defence lawyers

Times are changing all across the world and this means that more and more people are becoming aware of important social issues. This can include women’s rights, equal pay, LGBTQ rights, as well as much more. Businesses are now forced to be aware of any bias that may be going on within their organisations, and cinema is now taking slow steps to include more diversity.

Changes are also occurring in the legal system which means that criminal defence lawyers in Sydney are changing and evolving too. For example, many criminal defence lawyers in Sydney are now advertising themselves to same-sex couples so that they know they are more than welcome to receive legal support from their firm.

It can be extremely intimidating for a minority to be facing a charge and it is important for them to ensure that they can find legal representation that isn’t going to treat them differently to anyone else. This means that their representation will be respectful, non-judgemental, and un-biased. This is so important because going to court can already be an extremely stressful time, and those who may feel like they are in a minority group need to be supported just as much as anyone else.

Changes are happening for those who are seeking a legal career too

As well as criminal defence lawyers in Sydney now willingly taking on more diverse clients, changes are also happening for those seeking a legal career too. For example, there is more awareness taught on university campuses that are designed to ensure that women are safe throughout their studies.

Furthermore, there are more and more programs out there that are encouraging those with an Aboriginal heritage to attend high-school and university. Similarly, there are many universities that will welcome international students with open arms instead of only accepting students from Australia. If someone is a women or a person of colour, it is also more likely that they are able to join other criminal defence lawyers in Sydney in their field and that they are able to receive the same amount of pay as a white male.

These types of changes will hopefully see that more and more people are not only trusting and feeling safe in the hands of criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, but also that they may consider a career in this field.

Good criminal defence lawyers in Sydney are always learning

It is common knowledge that the wisest person always knows that they have more to learn. This principle is also implemented when it comes to the legal system. Good criminal defence lawyers in Sydney do not simply learn something once and then never look at it again. They are always educating themselves when it comes to not only the ever changing legal system but also to people’s experiences.

They will want to do everything they can to ensure that everyone receives a fair go, so this means they must always be evolving as people and keeping up with the times. With the age of the internet comes more problems and more legal factors to think about. In order for people to be able to safely use the internet, there must be rules put into place.

Good criminal defence lawyers in Sydney will either stay up-to-date with any new laws and regulations, or they will fight themselves to have new things put in place. All in all, whenever facing a trial or charge, it is always important to find a representative that is willing to move with the times. This way it is more likely that the best outcome will be had.

It’s All About the Wording

Three Delivery drivers had decided they were done with the annoyance. They filed a lawsuit against the company they worked for claiming that were owed years’ worth of pay and time they’d spent delivering items. According to the company, however, there was no case even to argue which only made matters worse. According to the local law employees who work more than 40hours per week were supposed to be given overtime pay.

This law took place unless their job was in any of these fields or work: Canning, “Processing, Preserving, Freezing, Drying, Marketing, Packing, Storying, packing for shipment or distribution” of perishable foods. Unfortunately, they were drivers delivering Dairy products, so they didn’t qualify for overtime pay. The drivers, however, did not give up but instead argued that there wasn’t a comma after the word shipment meaning that technically there were not in the wrong.

When it comes to law wording is very important as it can take a turn due to just one mistake anywhere and this is the perfect example. Due to the screw up in the writing of the law, they argued that by law they were in fact entitled to the overtime and that is was not their fault that the law had been miss worded. The court however sided with the Company and not the drivers even though the grammar was wrong stating that it was not meant to be that way.

The case didn’t go away however as they came back with around 120 other drivers to try and push again. This case, however, took an unexpected turn where instead of trying to fight about the comma they decided to appeal wanting to ask the question “what does the contested phrase…mean?” This, of course, was a different way of handling situation, and with a class-action lawsuit behind them, they pushed back into court.

They won the battle and overall the main drivers got $5million USD, this case is an excellent example of how the English language can be a bit tricky. Most laws and rules are written in ways that stop things like this happening, the law is a very strict thing, and usually, the wording matters a lot. This case shows just how vital it can be, even when the grammar was misprinted it meant that they could take a different route. Instead of focusing on the comma they focused on the altered meaning of the law instead.

Pants-less Judge

A Judge in Washington D.C. had a pretty lousy run when a dry cleaner lost his pair of pants. The judge known as Roy Pearson represented himself in the civil court and claimed he was owed $54million USD for a dry cleaner. The store ensures a “Satisfaction Guarantee” which by the sounds of it this just was not satisfied at all.

The case gained national attention almost instantly after the lawsuit was filed and to be fair it wasn’t surprising a court case to do with pants and a judge who believed he was owed $54million USD is interesting. The Pants were supposed to be placed in evidence however the judge claimed that the pants were not his pants and in fact a different pair. Roy claimed that he had been put under a lot of stress and dismay by the incident and let’s be honest by the sounds of it the dry cleaner was also in Distress over the court case. Mr Chung was the dry cleaner, and it seemed as if he was a lot of stress due to this court case as well.

Chung’s attorney Chris Manning told press between hearings whilst holding up the pants that the pants that were supposed to be taken into evidence, in fact, Roy’s. According to Chung’s attorney “When the pants were brought in, Chung noticed three belt loops… and in finding them, realised that they were Mr Pearson’s pants.” The business had been running for over 11 years, and clearly, they had never had anything like this happen to them before.

What Happened?

In the end, the court favoured for the Dry Cleaners, and Roy lost the battle, but some interesting notes showed up before this. The reason why the amount of money ended up being so high in the end was that Roy attempted to go further with the case. Roy wanted Chung to pay enough money for him to be able to rent a car so he could have his clothes dry cleaned elsewhere. Roy also wanted compensation for mental distress and discomfort which he decided should have been around $2million USD on its own. Luckily, however, the judge never let it go through, and Chung one and his Dry Cleaner business lived to see another day.

Lacking A Job

Trina Thompson graduated from Monroe College only to be lacking a job after graduation. Trina decided that it was the fault of her careers councillor for not trying hard enough to find a job for her. She decided to take the school to court and wanted her $70,000 that she used for tuition for her bachelor’s degree back.

The college promised her career advice and job leads however it was never entirely done. She stated, “They have not tried hard enough to help me” in her lawsuit meaning that in her eyes the college had not done what was needed with the power that they had. She hoped that she would be able to gain at least something out of it.

The college’s reply to this was “No college, especially in this economy, can guarantee compliment, Monroe College remains committed to working with all its students… to prepare them for careers and to support them during their job search.” The reply was through their spokesman Gary Axel bank who added that the college continues to help Trina with the services they had promised. His claims have been backed as a survey showed 20% of students who graduated from college got a job straight away in 2009 and it had dropped from the 51% from a study that was done in 2007.

The thing about this is that the Job that she was looking for is a tough job to come by in the first place. Some people have claimed that it took nine months after graduation before they found a job in the industry where she wanted a career. It is a well-known fact, and some people have criticised the case stating that she should have researched into the industry before applying to study in that field.

Of course, she never one the court battle because it’s obvious that the college was not at fault for a weak job market. It’s weird though because a fair few people think that she should have been given the money which seems unfair as logic would dictate that there is no way that a college could ever promise a 100% success rate with finding somebody a job. Even though the case is over it still pops up sometimes when people try and explain why the justice system needs to be looked at a bit more closely, some people think that it is becoming a bit ridicules that cases like this can even happen.